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StandArt or Gold Edition?

A frequently asked question! So what is the difference between Gabriel Gold Glas and Gabriel StandArt Glas? This is an easy question to answer because the difference is in the weight and it is about 60 grams. The shape and size are both identical! And upon closer observation and especially at tastings there are some slight and also some more obvious differences! And last but not least there is a perceptible difference in the feel of the Gold Edition Glas. 

Gabriel Glas StandArt! 

StandArt? Shouldn’t it be called Standard? When coining the name of the cheaper mass-produced Gabriel Glas I created a new concept. Because usually “standard” refers to the norm or what is normal. But the unique Gabriel Glas is more like a work of art. And this is what we call “art.”

Thus, “StandArt” is defined as somewhere between the norm and art. To produce this glass, we always book a very state-of-the art production machine for one to two days as needed. At the “Rona" manufacturer in Lednike Rovne (which is in Northern Slovakia) shift workers produce respectively about 30,000 glasses. Using a refined, ingenious production technology there are no seams on this lead-free, dishwasher-safe glass and thus, there are no more weak points. So the glass is surprisingly robust despite being light weight. The weight is ca. 150 g. Even the StandArt version provides incredible wine enjoyment and in comparison tests has left the well-known competing products in the dust. 

Scope of use: for private daily use, for catering, wine tasting and of course in restaurants.

Gabriel Glas Gold Edition! 

Gold is a precious metal. That’s common knowledge! In connection with our name we will call it “very precious glass.” It is the lightest wine glass produced in any quantity in the world! The shape is identical to the StandArt Glas. With minimal deviations that may increase enjoyment. Usually this glass is produced by Rona in Northern Slovakia. While we produce 30,000 StandArt glasses in a day, in this case we’re talking about quite different quantities, combined with a much bigger time commitment.

For the Gold Glas we hire a specially trained production team for five days, because not every glassblower is capable of blowing these unique glasses! In two shifts these specially trained glass blowers alone produce within 5 days 3,000 glasses. Actually usually more are produced, but the limits of how many glasses can be manufactured a high failure rate is built in and thus through strict quality control only the most perfect glasses are selected. In view of this of course the ultralight glass (weight 90 grams) will cost substantially more. Compared to the competing products on the market we are the most attractive. We want to encourage the true wine connoisseurs to switch to our product. The Gold Edition Glas is also dishwasher safe and has no weak points. 

Scope of use: for private use for wine connoisseurs, for rare wine tasting and in upscale restaurants.