EuroCave, Modell WineArt


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The sophisticated “WineArt” with a unique design is the first wine bar for the home.
Thanks to its automatic vacuum system, it brings two uncorked bottles (white wine and/or red wine) to the optimal drinking temperature and keeps them fresh for up to 10 days without any loss of quality.
The two separate temperature zones are preset between 8 and 10°C as well as 16 and 18°C.
Elegantly, the wine bar seamlessly integrates into any living environment.

Product details at a glance:
EuroCave, “WineArt” model

  • The home wine bar with 2 temperatures
  • Thanks to a professional vacuum system, open bottles can be stored for up to 10 days.
  • Bottle capacity: 2

Noise level: only 38 dB:

Our exclusive offer for you: €349 instead of €499
plus 1 Gabriel-Glas Murano corkscrew and 1 x set of 2 Gabriel-Glas wine pourers
plus set of 2 Gabriel-Glas StandArt in a design box


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