Golden Nose René Gabriel

Golden Nose René Gabriel

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A fun-entertaining and certainly not dry reading matter.

Gabriel tells about his incredibly versatile life. The simple origin of his family, which privations knew not only as a foreign word. Over the numerous business cards of his jobs from the all-rounder to the specialist. From cook to wine entertainer. A self-developed, literal dishwashing career. Particularly exciting are the episodes of his time as chief buyer at Mövenpick wine. Likewise, one learns in this how it came to today’s globally successful Gabriel glass. The wine provides a thread for this book. That’s what Gabriel owes himself!

The author also writes very clearly about his always life goal: The search for a high degree of satisfaction. He philosophizes about his passion for sensual-intense pleasure and declares his love for wine.

The Golden Nose is an incredibly entertaining mix of Gabriel’s tried and tested writing box – from a vinous, idealistic as well as monetary point of view.

350 pages, 23 x 28 cm (A4)
bound, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-85932-933-1

only available in German

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