The Gold Edition glass 6 pcs designer box

The Gold Edition glass in 6 pcs designer box, approx. 90 grams, mouth blown, ultra light



Additional information

EAN Code

0 793573 996824


9.5 cm


23 cm


crystal glass, lead-free


approx. 90 g

Suitable for

white-, red wine and rosé, champagne, spirits


510 ml

Manufacturing method

mouth blown

Glasses per carton



The «Gold Edition» glass is the world’s noblest and lightest glass manufactured in substantial quantities!

The maximum width of 95 millimeters enables an instant decanting effect by providing a lot of air to the freshly poured wine. The nose passages are extended in the upper half of the goblet, which is tastefully bent conically inward. The precise 66-millimeter glass aperture optimally concentrates the bouquet and scents. The lowest half of the goblet, a V-shape curled outward, provides a kind of “push-up,” absorbing a lot of fragrance even with a tiny amount of wine. Maximum color density is favored by the V-triangle at the very bottom of the glass goblet. When consumed, the wine glides rather broadly across the tongue. The glass stem (invisible X shape) enables exquisite grasping with all five fingers.

Experience the incredible “bouquet drive” with the Gabriel-Glas!
With the «Gold Edition» glass we have achieved this in perfection.

What is the distinction between this glass and the «StandArt» glass? The shape is identical – the difference is roughly 60g with minimum variances, which may allow for a multiplication of enjoyment. René Gabriel would say that I am «on a first-name basis» with the wine in the «Gold Edition».

Gold is a valuable metal. Everyone is aware of this! We want to declare it as «especially precious glass» in our name connection. It is the lightest wine glass in the world, manufactured in substantial quantities! The form is the same as the «StandArt» glass. With minimal variations, this may be made feasible by a pleasure multiplication. We can manufacture the exact glass to the millimeter due to hand production, which we have worked out in the invention to get the optimum enjoyment of wine.

Care Instructions
In the dishwasher please! The «Gold Edition» glass is made with the latest glass technology and is lead-free. This prevents blue discoloration, milk cloudiness and scratches. Please refrain from using tabs and liquid detergents containing chlorine. Both are aggressive and attack the surface of all glasses. For perfect results: In the dishwasher please. Wash in the upper rack at a slight angle and with the normal rinse program (we do not recommend the glass program as it does not dry properly). We use Sun powder and Sun shine, so we always have brilliant glasses. From now on, do not wash by hand - this is yesterday's news with Gabriel glass. And if nevertheless: polish your glasses with our Clara cloth - you will be thrilled. Conventional dishcloths are not suitable, because the leverage effect during polishing is immense and therefore there is a risk of breakage, even if you have the feeling that you have been very careful with it, besides, fibers of the cloth usually stick to the glass. Please do not throw ice cubes into the empty glass! If ice cubes are needed, then please carefully put them into the glass already filled with liquid.
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