The StandArt glass 1 pcs designer box

The StandArt glass in 1 pcs designer box, approx. 150 grams, machine made



Additional information

EAN Code

0 793573 996916


9.5 cm


23 cm


crystal glass, lead-free


approx. 150g

Suitable for

white-, red wine and rosé, champagne, spirits


510 ml

Manufacturing method

machine made


with transport packaging, without transport packaging

Glasses per carton



The “StandArt” glass is the robust all-round universal glass for guaranteed drinking pleasure!

It is suitable for all wines, also for champagne, brandy, whiskey and the inventor, René Gabriel even drinks his beer from it.

The largest width of 95 millimeters allows a certain instant decanting effect by giving a lot of air to the wine just poured. The upper part of the goblet, discreetly conically curved inward, is the extension of the nose channels. The selected glass opening (exactly 66 millimeters) optimally concentrates the bouquet and aromas. The lower part of the goblet, a V-shape curved outward, offers a kind of “push-up”, which means that even with a small amount of wine, quite a lot of fragrance is absorbed. The V-triangle, at the very bottom of the glass goblet, favors maximum color density. The wine flows very broadly over the tongue while drinking. The glass stem (a barely perceptible X shape) allows elegant holding with all five fingers.

Experience the incredible “bouquet drive” with the StandArt glass!

Shouldn’t it be called Standard? In defining the name of the machine-blown Gabriel glass, we have deliberately created a new term. Because with standard one generally means the norm or defines the normality. But even the Gabriel glass, which is not quite normal, is a certain object of art. And with art one also means “kind”. So from the term “StandArt” a definition was created, which is between the norm and art.

Care Instructions
In the dishwasher please! The "StandArt" glass is made with the latest glass technology and is lead-free. This prevents blue discoloration, milk cloudiness and scratches. Please refrain from using tabs and liquid detergents containing chlorine. Both are aggressive and attack the surface of all glasses. For perfect results: In the dishwasher please. Wash in the upper rack at a slight angle and with the normal rinse program (we do not recommend the glass program as it does not dry properly). We use Sun powder and Sun shine, so we always have brilliant glasses. From now on, do not wash by hand - this is yesterday's news with Gabriel glass. And if nevertheless: polish your glasses with our Clara cloth - you will be thrilled. Conventional dishcloths are not suitable, because the leverage effect during polishing is immense and therefore there is a risk of breakage, even if you have the feeling that you have been very careful with it, besides, fibers of the cloth usually stick to the glass.

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