Hi René, Tonight Joe Davis of Arcadian Wines was at my house to meet with his Atlanta shareholders.  I took out the two Gabriel-glas glasses that I recently received, so that some of the guys could compare wines as tasted in your glass as against the same wine tasted in the Reidel glasses that we were using.
In all honesty, I have always been a bit of a skeptic about the value of wine glass shape, and also my palette has lost much discrimination over these many years.  However, even I felt that there was a marked improvement in the same wine tasted from your glass.
The undoubted finest palette in the room tonight was that of Joel Knox.  Joel is the owner of Inland Seafood Company, a leading national food wholesaler/distributor.  Joel remarked repeatedly of the  remarkable difference in the wines as tasted from your glass, and wants to get some of them. I am copying Xi Chen with this email.
Best, Mark

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