DrinkArt – an all-rounder!

Shapely and noble, DrinkArt enriches every table setting.

The special shape is the secret:

The basic shape of this multi-purpose glass is based on the chalice shape of the Gabriel glass. The special thing about it is that the basic aromas of the beverages are promoted to the maximum both nasally and on the palate. Not all water is the same. This individuality comes into its own in this “DrinkArt glass”. Also fruit drinks, beer, drinks or spirits run to the top form …/p>

Bottle or decanter?

The answer is simple: both! Shapely and noble, this mouth-blown edition DrinkArt enriches every table setting. Even simple drinking water receives its rightful value here. That is why this DrinkArt bottle is especially appreciated in the gastronomy …

5 reasons for the DrinkArt series

  • The slightly conical shape, curved on the inside, concentrates the aromatics.
  • Complements beautifully with the existing Gabriel glass.
  • Ideal for water, fruit drinks, beer, drinks and spirits.
  • State-of-the-art technology (lead-free), thus suitable for dishwashers
  • Particularly handy compared to “cumbersome carafes”.

Series DrinkArt

Shapely and noble, the DrinkArt series enriches every table setting.

  • Gabriel-Glas DrinkArt Glass 6 pcs

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  • Gabriel-Glas DrinkArt Bottle Gold Edition

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